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♥ Heyyo. welcome to my jounal site is what I call. feel free to scroll around but beware when I start talking nonsense. im thirteen but still act like three. i may not always update beacause im 'budak asrama'. thank you for understanding. have an awesome day bubye.

home agenda
one Meet up with my friends.
two Shop 'till i drop.
three Online non-stop.
four Doodle non-stop.

maisarah but mai. thirteen. hate math. loves science. third august. kpop hardcore. red black purple. first child. only daughter. budak asrama. misses year six. budak abim 2012. finds normal is boring. love laughs live.

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thanks for scrolling. yada yada yada meow :3

Assalamualaikum peeps ^^

today i just got back from my prisonn. hoho. freedom is damn sweet. i just feel like running in a meadow and screaming my voice out to show how happy i am right noww. omg haha. if you be me, you'll understand why im so cheerful :3 wait, i want starbucks :o

#np Perfect Two // Auburn

you know i have a crush? ahaaa MuDaIs :) I miss him and just wanna see him damn muchh. if only he knew *sigh* hahahaha. i want us to be the perfect two, can we ? hoho. when i see him from afar, i stare at him like nobody's around. but when he's really near, i'll do a marathon. wauzes, huh? hahaha. me shy lahh :3

fyi, our hostel kene 'rombak' you know you knoww ? hahaha . my roommates are my gangg except Ainaa :( atotot. pity Ainaa. i think she's gonna cryy. uwaaa. haha lewls. kidding maa :) but my new room is like, really really bright :D i kinda love it haaa :> hihi. please be jelly haa ? lewls. hahah ignore ignore. this is what we call 'merapu-ing' or nonsense talk. oh well

oh yeah. it's friday already.

im going back to my hostel this wednesday which is like, damn freaking unfaaaaairrr . uwaaaaa T.T it's all because my school wants to 'kill' two cows to make a dish. but the form 1's doesn't have to do anything laa. watch a movie. i think its better sitting at home. i love you home muah muahh.

oh wait, nak selit something japp. i miss my old room :( G102. da best room in da world omg omg. i love that room double triple zinger love loveeeeee . after this , i can't rap, dance, sing, daydream, gossip with kak Que and kak Ulfaa anymore :( i just miss everythingg. i wanna cryy uwaaaa :( i miss them so damn badlyy :( kak Intan Pavi , i miss 'bahan-ing' youu. haha. "angau ayang inga angat angat" miss it :( omg, i feel like cryinggg :'(

that's it 4tday. bye byeee. aslm :)

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